Motorbike for rent in Ha Giang

About Ha Giang Fun Trip:

Ha Giang Fun Trip is a tourist center in Ha Giang where we provide good motorbike rental, easy rider tours, car tours, food and accommodation services.

We have experience in organizing tours and motorbike rentals in Ha Giang city, so we understand and provide the most quality motorbike rental service.

Why you need rent a motorbike in Ha Giang?

Ha Giang is a Northern Province of Vietnam, It has spectacular natural landscapes and diverse culture of ethnic minorities. It makes Ha Giang more and more attractive to tourists and foreigners.

To discover the colorful natural land with winding mountain passes, and spectacular sceneries, motorbikes are the best choice.

It's easy to rent a motorbike to explore Ha Giang by yourself. Ha Giang Fun Trip offers quality motorbike rental with simple procedure by valid passport and driving license. If you do not have a license, you can try to hire an easy rider for your trip.

Ha Giang Fun Trip motorbike rental:

We offer kind of motorbike:

Motorbike rental Ha Giang - Semi automatic

Type: Semi- Automatic
Brand: Honda wave alpha (110cc)
Daily rental rate: $7 per day (150.000vnd/ per day)

Motorbike rental Ha Giang - automatic

Type: Automatic
Brand: Honda vision, honda air blade
Daily rental rate: 200.000vnd/ per day

Motorbike rental Ha Giang - manual Suzuki

Type: Manual
Brand: Suzuki 125cc
Daily rental rate: 300.000vnd/ per day

Motorbike rental Ha Giang - Big manual Honda xr 150

Type:  Big Manual
Brand: Honda xr 150cc
Daily rental rate: 550.000vnd/ per day

Our motorbikes for rent are in the best quality, we ensure the bikes are always in the best conditions also with reasonable price and support service 24/7 throughout your trip

We also free offer: protective gears for knees and elbows, helmet, plastic bag for your backpack, bungee rope, map of Ha Giang loop, free travel advice.

Terms and conditions of motorbike rental

You need to have International driving license, comply with Vietnam’s road traffic law and is liable to pay a penalty for breaking law. That’s the most important thing when you travel in Vietnam in the safest way in general.

Or hire an easy rider. Why?

The road in Ha Giang

Well, it’s not that good… Warning! Be careful because of the local people, they often get drunk and still ride the motorbike on the road. You have to pay more attention and ride slowly.

The Ha Giang loop offers winding roads with majestic natural sceneries

Although all of these routes are extremely scenic, they’re not necessarily easy to ride. The road here is a bit difficult for people who want to conquer Ha Giang. The main reason is due to bad weather and vehicles that damage roads.The conditions of the road are varies. Some parts are very good but some parts are not really ideal. The majority of the road is good enough for mostly people who want to adventure Ha Giang loop.

What about our Easy rider?

Our easy driver with fully licensed and experienced driving on the loop. And of course, he knows clearly about this area, he will show which places are nice to stop and recommend you some nice restaurants and accommodations as well. You will sit at the back of a bike as pillion and really soak in the breath-taking views. It will be the BEST thing you do in Vietnam.

We have 2 options for easy rider tour:

+ Easy rider as a local guide: The tour with local guide is a package tour that you don't need to pay anything when you're on the trip. And with the tour guide he also can speak influent English, tell you some nice stories and about the culture about the area. You will know more about our beautiful Ha Giang.

+ Easy rider as a "Xe Om": means he can’t speak English too much, but he can understand a little bit and can communicate with Google translate. He is a local people and also has experience about the Ha Giang loop, make sure that you will have a great trip with him on the great road.

If you are not sure about to ride a motorbike by yourself, we can help you to have a short test with the rider, you just sit on the back with an experienced driver and fully enjoy the beautiful landscapes and great views.


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