Ha Giang easy rider motorbike tour

Easy rider is your "one stop shop" to explore the beautiful & famous ha giang region of northern vietnam. A region of unsurpassed beauty. With rivers and valleys, waterfalls and rice terraces. Introduction to ethnic groups and not forgetting the world famous  'loop' this is a spectacular winding mountain road that offers excellent views and unforgettable memories. We can taylor make a package to suit every budget. Accomodation, transport, tour plans and advice. Vehicle hire, guides and chauffeurs. We can accommodate single persons or large groups. So if you are a confident traveller or want to put your trust in us all our drivers and guides are fully trained, insured, caring and fun. So if you need our help in creating and making a journey you will never forget ??? 

Extreme Ha Giang loop with easy rider by motobike

The Ha Giang adventure loop is trip discover Ha Giang by motorbike and is the best things should do in Vietnam. It’s popular for young Vietnamese people and for the tourists as well.

You will stop every few meters to take pictures and enjoy the beauty. There is a viewing spot on the way from where you can enjoy one of the best views of the pass and the dam.

Experience THE BEST Scenery in Vietnam!

The Incredible Ha Giang

An unforgettable trip in the North of  Vietnam with the most beautiful landscapes and mountain range for people to explore. You will never regret to visit. Fun Trip is a trip for the visitors who want to be among of the first to find out what are the things Ha Giang have.

The greatest Ma Pi Leng pass, with a motorbike you can try the most adventurous experience in Viet Nam and Asia in general. You can connect with the local communities, stay with local families and try the best local products in the local area.

Do Ha Giang loop with easy rider. Why?

The road in Ha Giang

Well, it’s not that good… Warning! Be careful because of the local people, they often get drunk and still ride the motorbike on the road. You have to pay more attention and ride slowly.

The Ha Giang loop offers winding roads with majestic natural sceneries

Although all of these routes are extremely scenic, they’re not necessarily easy to ride. The road here is a bit difficult for people who want to conquer Ha Giang. The main reason is due to bad weather and vehicles that damage roads.The conditions of the road are varies. Some parts are very good but some parts are not really ideal. The majority of the road is good enough for mostly people who want to adventure Ha Giang loop.

What about our Easy rider?

Our easy driver with fully licensed and experienced driving on the loop. And of course, he knows clearly about this area, he will show which places are nice to stop and recommend you some nice restaurants and accommodations as well. You will sit at the back of a bike as pillion and really soak in the breath-taking views. It will be the BEST thing you do in Vietnam.

We have 2 options for easy rider tour:

+ Easy rider as a local guide: The tour with local guide is a package tour that you don't need to pay anything when you're on the trip. And with the tour guide he also can speak influent English, tell you some nice stories and about the culture about the area. You will know more about our beautiful Ha Giang.

+ Easy rider as a "Xe Om": means he can’t speak English too much, but he can understand a little bit and can communicate with Google translate. He is a local people and also has experience about the Ha Giang loop, make sure that you will have a great trip with him on the great road.

If you are not sure about to ride a motorbike by yourself, we can help you to have a short test with the rider, you just sit on the back with an experienced driver and fully enjoy the beautiful landscapes and great views.


HA GIANG FUN TRIP motorbike adventure will be the BEST THING you’ll do in Vietnam! 

Book the Easy Rider and make Ha Giang loop safe and fun trip with us

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